New moon tomorrow night 😍🌙✌️🔮💜

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The Doors, Hello i Love You (Live at Hollywood Bowl - 1968)

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scientific facts: 1. u a queen 2. ur a babe 3. you can endure through anything you want cus youre a queen bae


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Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown Limited Edition - Booklet

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1,039/ smoothed out slappy hours

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90s Foxboro Hot Tubs Edit

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Albuca is a genus of plants originally from southern and western Africa. Many species produce flowers which release a sweet scent at night, but some are grown for their peculiar spiralling leaves.

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My love for the song Redundant is to strong (will be a must play at my wedding)

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Morning my lovely followers! Hope your all doing well and your week is taking off great! The weather is perfect here which is really inspire and positive <3 Remember to tell your self everyday “I am alive……I am here…….I am trying and that is enough” xxxxx <3 

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