Green Day - “Insomniac” Tour Ticket (1996)

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Just made myself a 1L smoothy of 7 oragnes! Lol bless being a vegan you can eat as much as you want…not get fat and help the world!

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hello! i just wanted to ask where do you buy your crystals? i want to collect them but idk where to buy them. also which crystals can help me with dipression, anexiety and stress? thanks and your blog is awesome! xx

Hello! i buy my crystals from my local crystal shops (you can buy crystals online but its best to get out, hold the crystals in person) you should google around to see if you have any shops where you live! crystals i use for that is Rose quartz, Smokey Quartz, Lepidolite, Bloodstone and Amethyst are the best there are a lot more but there the top ones for me :) xxxxxx bless your soul and happy crystal shopping <3 xx

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MORNING! Spring is really starting to show here and its lovely its giving me such lovely energies and positive vibes <3 how are you guys today? i hope everything is going good remember its ok to have good and bad days! Things do get hard even to the best and strongest people so if no ones told you today…You are important… are beautiful…you are special…you are loved….never give up you will get ther…the pain is temporary and once again you ARE BEAUTIFUL and you deserve happiness no matter what! <3 Bless your soul be one with nature xo

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Scan from Green Day Revealed: Unofficial Guide to an Awesome Punk Rock Band”

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Broadway Idiot The Documentary Film: ”Behind The Curtain” Booklet 

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I love the 21st Century Breakdown Booklet so much. The art work is amazing and i truly think this album is underrated.

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If you dont let yourself go with nature, love, crystals, animals and music your living your life wrong! 

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