Green Day - Angel Blue (Demolicious)

Gonna build it up just to burn it down
You’re the princess I’m a fucking clown
Stop the presses cause I’m killing time
Won’t you be my bloody valentine?

You’re just a fucking kid
And no one ever gives you a break
You wanna senorita
And now your heart is gonna break

Scan from Green Day Revealed: Unofficial Guide to an Awesome Punk Rock Band”

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Sorting out my baby crystals while letting them chill out in the warm sun to get some energy! This isn’t even half of the crystals I own 🌿😊✌️👑🌷🌞

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So the Green Day trilogy was like sex to the ears but Demolicious is like that dirty raw sex you feel so dirty for doing but can’t stop and want more! 

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Guitar World: (November 2012) Green Day - 3 Albums 36 Songs Has Billie Joe Armstrong Gone Bonkers (Contents Page)

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Scan from Green Day Revealed: Unofficial Guide to an Awesome Punk Rock Band”

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